Jun 10, - Try these thought provoking questions on for size and really get You'll get to know someone better if you're asking them the right questions.

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Thought provoking questions ask someone

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If there are species out there that are much more advanced than humans, what kinds of things do you think they can do? Will there ever be a time when robots, for want of a better word, are treated as equals with humans? If so, does that mean we really don't have free will? What is your aim in life?

Thought provoking questions ask someone

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On a scale of one to ten, how fulfilling is our relationship to you? Do you believe in reincarnation?

Thought provoking questions ask someone

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What if it were ? And if you want to share your views with us and other readers, you can always leave a comment at the bottom of the article just start by saying which number you are answering so we can easily follow.

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Maybe this is when you are traveling, being spontaneous, running a marathon, or chasing your kids around the park. Am I being a good son, husband, and father or daughter, wife, and mother? Do I in any way seem superficial to you? Are you attracted to other people?

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This profound question will also help you think about your intentions, empathy , and integrity. How has art and other creative endeavors shaped and enhanced your life? When do you truly feel alive? What it teaches is that the real strength you need to find, ultimately rests within you alone.

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What will technology look like in years? What life-altering experiences should everyone experience at least once? There are no right and wrong answers with these, their entire goal is to make you think, and give you a bit of a struggle as you may find it difficult to answer a few of them.

Mar 23, - Here are some intense questions to ask someone you love, or like and These questions are thought-provoking and require deep thinking. Thought provoking questions are the best way to start a conversion. Alternately, I wouldn't want to go out with someone and ask my date, “So what has been. Dec 18, - This article provides thought provoking questions designed to get one's What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen someone do?‎Funny Thought Provoking · ‎Deep Thought Provoking · ‎Thought Provoking.

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Describe the next five years of your life, and your plans, in a single sentence If you spend a day watching movies when you should be working a day wasted or well spent? Do you ask enough questions, or are you happily settling for what you know already?

Thought provoking questions ask someone

Not even a white lie or an exaggeration. What is your weirdest habit?

Thought provoking questions ask someone

Thought provoking questions ask someone

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  1. Kagor says:

    Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

  2. Kajora says:

    Would you rather have 10 years of excellent health, or 30 years of average health? Would you be willing to send out some love to your friends and family?

  3. Voodoojin says:

    Will it be an environmental disaster?

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