The drinking game. Combining two things we love dearly: movies, and well drinking. The art of the drinking game is far more complex than it may seem.

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Drinking movie

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A group of pals on a ker-azy stag party Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms wake up in Vegas the next morning, but can't remember anything about the previous night. McClane kills a bad guy. Mods judge this on a case-by-case basis.

Drinking movie

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Also includes reaction gifs posted as 'MRW' stuff. Both witty and scary, it launched the careers of its young cast and schooled a generation on horror movie trivia.

Drinking movie

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Have a swig every time a zombie bites it in Zombieland. A gremlin is killed. A small American town is overrun with horrible little beasties who turn Christmas into a nightmare, particularly for Zach Galligan's teenager. Don't worry, you won't find that latter example here, because only the very best movie drinking games have made it onto our list below.

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A model with looks that could kill, he becomes embroiled in a bizarre plot where only models can save the world. This horror comedy takes place in a post-apocalyptic world - it's there in the title, isn't it? Gizmo does something cute.

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Have a swig every time a zombie bites it in Zombieland. Take a drink when: Watch Scream now on Amazon Prime Video Gremlins The movie:

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You're not sure if somebody is awake or dreaming. All other posts must be text posts. Maverick goes against the rules. Old, bad and barely known aside, it is still piracy.

Jul 7, - Looking to make your next movie night a memorable one? Spice it up with one of these drinking games. This is the time to put on a fun movie with a nice easy plot. These are the best movies to watch while drinking or, depending on how late in the night you fire up. Jan 9, - Those snowed in days will now be a hell of a good time if you play any of these drinking games with movies. 1'Clueless' Giphy. 2'The Hangover' Giphy. 3'Scream' Giphy. 4'Neighbors' Giphy. 5'Nightmare On Elm Street' Giphy. 6'American Pie' Giphy. 7'The Craft' Giphy. 8'Mean Girls' Giphy.

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The song 'Danger Zone' plays. McClane kills a bad guy.

Drinking movie

A model with looks that could kill, he becomes embroiled in a bizarre plot where only models can save the world. The gremlins do something crazy.

Drinking movie

Drinking movie

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  1. Arashinos says:

    Page 3 Watching an amazing or amazingly terrible movie with friends is a fun pastime in and of itself, but add in a drinking game to the mix, and you've got yourself a hilarious pop culture party in full swing. Anyone uses a radio or walkie-talkie to communicate.

  2. Najora says:

    Tallahassee kills a zombie. Stu touches his missing tooth or mentions it.

  3. Tojashura says:

    Tallahassee kills a zombie.

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