If the naso-lacrimal duct becomes blocked, does not open properly, or becomes inflamed or infected, it does not drain tears properly, causing tears to spill down your dog's face. The most commonly used is to flush the tear duct to remove blockage, clear debris, or remove infected materials.

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Dog infected tear duct


The worst-case scenario is that your fur ball has to undergo surgery to open his tear ducts. Due to the delicate nature of the structures involved, complications and recurrence of blockage can occur, requiring repeated flushing procedures or medication and surgery in some cases. With a little TLC, his eyes should recover in no time.

Dog infected tear duct

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Because this gland is important in the production of tears, your veterinarian will want to preserve it, if possible. They may be congenital present at birth or caused by infection, foreign objects in the eye, or trauma. It is possible for you to spread infections, too.

Dog infected tear duct

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It is possible for you to spread infections, too. Sometimes overly active tear ducts become infected if your pup has conjunctivitis, or pink eye.

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Treatment Treatment varies depending on the cause of infection. Cost of Tear Duct Flush in Dogs The cost of flushing the nasolacrimal duct includes administration of sedation or anesthesia, which contributes to the cost of the procedure. They may be congenital present at birth or caused by infection, foreign objects in the eye, or trauma.


Cherry eye generally requires surgery. In general, the condition requires longterm—often lifelong—use of eye medications. Tear Duct Flush Recovery in Dogs After flushing, you may be required to instill antibiotic eye drops or other medications into your dog's eyes. In dogs, it is often associated with an autoimmune inflammation of both the tear and nictitans glands.

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Keeping Bruno away from his furry family until he recovers will ideally prevent any other breakouts. This procedure must be conducted with expertise and care to prevent damage to delicate eye structures.

A dog with an eye infection will have eyes that are itchy, swollen, red, and He could also have a tear duct obstruction, an ulcer or tumor on his eye, or a genetic. Many things can contribute to tear duct infections near your furry pal's eyes. Sometimes it's environmental; other times a dog's genes come into play. Because an. Dec 12, - If your dog or cat is suffering from a suspected, or confirmed blocked tear duct, a natural herbal treatment can help. A blocked tear duct is a.

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If your veterinarian suspects an obstruction of the duct, he or she may attempt to unblock it by flushing it with sterile water or a saline solution. Observe the eye for the cessation of epiphora or any complications such as signs of infection or increased inflammation. The usual therapy consists of keeping the duct unblocked and using eyedrops containing antibiotics.

Dog infected tear duct

Tears are required to continuously flush the eye surface of bacteria and debris. X-rays of the skull after injection of a dye into the duct may be necessary to determine the site, cause, and outlook of longterm obstructions.

Dog infected tear duct

Dog infected tear duct

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    The worst-case scenario is that your fur ball has to undergo surgery to open his tear ducts.

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