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Slimhole - Micro Hole - Small Hole DrillingThe oil and gas well drilling method "Slim Hole Drilling" (aka micro hole or small hole) is one of the most cost effective methods of oil and gas reserve development.  It involves drilling smaller diameter holes and using small diameter production casing and tubing.  The use of small diameter well bore reduces the overall cost of exploration drilling and reserve development.  The Oil Jet Pump is the industry smallest and able to be conveyed inside 2-3/8 or 2-7/8 inch production strings, thereby allowing slim hole operators to retain economical operation factors associated with slimhole development methods.

Slim Hole Drilling Advantages:  

Reduced Drilling Mud Usage -resulting in lower Cost, Footprint (50x70 feet)  & Disposal.

Smaller surface casing and conductor sizes - reduces cost on pipe and installation

Can be used for High Angle and Horizontal Wellbore from existing wells

Could be used for CO2 Flood Injection holes or wells

Reduced drilling time by rapid drilling


Slim Hole Drilling Concerns:

Ability to rework wells

Limited space for mechanical equipment

Future use of microhole wellbores





Calculation Programs:             

Cutting Removal Speed (Excel)

Cement (Excel)

Kill Sheet (Excel)


Informational PDF's:       

Bentonite Clay Products (PDF)

Niobrara (PDF)

Mud Properties (PDF)

Brake Catalogue (PDF)

Clutch (PDF)

Pipe Care and Use (PDF)

Casing, Drill Pipe and Tubing Specifications (PDF)

Monitoring Hole Drill Rig Accessories (PDF)


Microhole Well Drilling Rig - Failing 1500 2500


Slimhole is a drilling term that is also knows as: Small Hole Drilling and Micro Hole Drilling